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This includes Animals of the lowest order, which rely predominantly on hormonal response coupled with the bare-minimum of self-awareness. Able to feel "fear," most animals of this intelligence herd together in large numbers for defense; they have no protective instinct for others, however, unhesitatingly abandoning those that become prey for carnivores — even their own offspring. In most cases, those of animal intelligence seek to flee and will confront only if cornered and desperate.

Reproduction between animal-intelligence creatures is primarily sexual, with competitive displays of plumage or action determining which females and males are enabled to mate. Some sexual behaviours, such as "rutting" among various hoofed animals, can result in temporary periods (2-4 weeks) in which males are so aggressive that they'll show bravery and the willingness to confront or attack other creatures that approach. Usually, however, these creatures always give ground when approached.

Creatures of animal intelligence are always herbivorous and never hunters. They can display some curiosity when offered food, especially foods with a pleasant odour. This is not, however, indicative of a bond forming; that level of intelligence simply doesn't exist. These creatures can only be domesticated through magic and expert-and-above sage abilities.

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