The County of Agder

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The County of Agder.jpg
The 6-mile map of Agder

Agder, traditionally Agdesiden, formerly a part of The Kingdom of Lenglin. The region was seized by the Vikings in the year 790 by Harald Granraude. For 197 years, Agdesiden existed as a petty kingdom, making peace with the gnomes of Lenglin. In 987 the region became united with The Kingdom of Norway. The land has a very broken and hilly surface, with valleys snaking north from the sea into a wild and primitive interior.

Kristiansand, a city and market, is the most important settlement; it's the only surviving settlement of the original kingdom. Important goods of the region include fish, timber, shipbuilding and coppersmithing. The people are Lutheran, industrious and welcoming. The county covers 8.4 hexes.

List of Centres

Name Population Year founded Centre type
Farsund 155 1466 settlement
Flekkefjord 186 1580 settlement
Kristiansand 5,123 800 settlement
Krossen 110 1246 hamlet
Mandal 169 1550 settlement
Øyslebø 113 1203 hamlet

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