Stag Beetle (giant)

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Beetle (giant stag)
Stag Beetle (giant)
Species insect (lucanus gargantua)
No. Appearing 2–5
Behaviour solitary
Range savannah, woodland
Size 14 ft. long
Weight 2,600 lbs.
Intelligence 0
Armour Class 3
Hit Dice 7
Action Points 4
Max. Stride {{{stride}}}
THAC0 17
Hp/Die 3d4
Attack Forms horn/horn
Damage 2–13/2–13
Special Attacks none

These enormous insects are herbivorous scavengers, preferring to consume rotted wood and compost. It is not unusual for a stag beetle to tear down an old tree and begin consuming the mass, roots and all. They are rarely aggressive unless they are provoked. They have been known to feast on dumps and vegetable stores in towns, causing property damage and posing a threat to those who attempt to drive the beetle off.

The creature attacks with its horns, swinging its head from side to side. It will usually overbear its opponents, often continuing after to avoid the fight; they rarely stand their ground.

Stag beetles do not normally associate, preferring to scavenge alone. When encountering another of their own kind, they will fight to establish their territory, ramming one another with their horns similarly to deer. The sound of two stag beetles rushing one another has been heard to echo the length of a valley. The stag beetle's horn can be as much as seven feet long, but three to four feet is more typical. The horns can be opened or closed slowly; the creature will often spread them wide apart as a threat before attacking.

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