Protection from Cantrips (spell)

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Physical manifestations of the spell cannot be seen by others.

Protection from cantrips shields recipients or chosen objects from any effect resulting from a cantrip, regardless of the type or level of the caster.

Protection from Cantrips
Range touch
Duration 1 day
Area of Effect 1 creature or object per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level mage (2nd)

No outward sign is given to others that the protection exists, though the presence of ongoing magic can be detected by spell. Cantrips cast against the protection are wasted and lost.

This includes the creation of small creatures that bite or sting, or items that are presently held or carried by a recipient, thus protecting him or her from cantrips like palm.

The spell enables the recipient to make use of cantrips such as thingamajig or pottery, or enjoy the benefits of advantageous cantrips; naturally, a caster's own cantrips will function normally.

Unfortunately, the spell doesn't reveal the true nature of haunting sound cantrips.