Murk (spell)

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Murk causes the air within the area of effect to thicken and grow greasy and foul, so that it will obscure all sight and be thoroughly unbreathable. Creatures within the murk will immediately close their eyes and cease breathing for as long as possible, while seeking exit at the first opportunity. Nevertheless, any creature dependent upon breathing will suffer 1d4 damage per round they remain in the murk. Since the murk will penetrate the victim's ears, sounds coming from outside the murk will not be heard.

Range 30 ft. +10 ft. per level
Duration 1-6 rounds +1 round per level
Area of Effect 5 ft. diameter dome per level
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw half damage; see text
Level illusionist (4th)

Creatures completely caught in the murk will become disoriented, so that their actual movement cannot exceed normal speed. Moreover, actual direction of movement (regardless of their position) will be in a random direction (roll d6) each round, so that creatures may move in circles until they drop.

If creatures are in the murk for more than three rounds, they will cease holding their breath and be forced to breathe in; a similar effect will happen to any creature attempting melee while in the murk (all attempts to hit will fail). Breathing in will cause 4d4 damage, half if a saving throw is made. Once creatures are forced to breathe the murk, they will not be unable to hold their breath thereafter.

Since the effect is illusionary, the murk cannot be dispersed by a gust of wind or like effect. However, those who witness the murk failing to move in a wind are entitled to a saving throw. Success enables the viewer to partially resist the toxic effects of the murk, halving all damage.