Wraithform (spell)

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Wraithform transforms the caster and all that the caster carries (apart from another self-aware individual) so that he or she becomes essentially ethereal, thus no longer subject to attacks or interaction that necessitates corporeality.

Range self
Duration 2 rounds per level
Area of Effect self
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (3rd)

While in this form, the caster is immune to normal or silver weapons (magic weapons do normal damage), and may only be harmed by magic that by its nature affects the ethereal plane.

The illusionist’s movement is not slowed, but the illusionist cannot move at greater than normal movement speed while in this form. Spells that require the illusionist to ‘touch’ a recipient cannot be applied, but most other spells may still be employed against normal creatures.

As an ethereal creature, the caster may freely move through solid objects or persons without restriction.

While in appearance the caster becomes a wraith, insubstantial and with features that are ill-defined, ordinary wraiths will not mistake the caster as one of their own. The caster will not be able to communicate ordinarily with others, but a spell such as whispering wind will function as before.

The time spent in ethereal form is unlikely to draw attention from creatures upon the ethereal plane, but should such creatures appear, the caster shall be able to attack them normally (all creatures upon the ethereal plane appear ordinary to one another).

The caster may return to normal form at will, but this will break the spell.