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1. New Special Pages: Create spell or sage study pages with the greatest number of wanted links. Total "don't review" pages (215) divided by 50 = 4 pages to create.

2. New Wanted Pages: Create "new wanted" pages equal in number to the "special pages" above.

3. Move Old Wiki Pages: Total number of old wiki pages (854) divided by 50 = 17. Concentrate on spells first, then sage abilities, then monsters.

4. Random Edits. Total pages (970) minus "don't edit" pages (215) = 755; divided by 50 = 15 pages to edit. While searching, update 2022 "don't edit" pages; any fix of at least 400 characters counts as an edit. Any page that wasn't formerly in a "don't edit" category counts as an edit.

5. Oldest Page Edits Edit same number of "oldest" pages as last random edits (15).

6. Links: Correct wanted links. Total pages minus "don't review" pages (948-215=733), divided by 10 = 73 links to fix; multiple links on a given page count as 1 fix.

Start again.