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A collection of maps that depict Alexis' game world in sections 700 miles high by 600-680 miles wide, carpeting the world's surface. Each map features 20-mile hexes (35 hexes by 30-34 hexes) and a general description of the area, to be updated as time allows. The maps are organized into concentric "rings," circumnavigating the world starting from the Greenwich meridian. The distribution of the maps, made to equally divide the latitude of each ring, staggers from ring to ring, so that normally each map touches upon six other maps.

The world is not fully mapped. Maps moved to category are in bold.

Ring A

A1: Greenland Sea - north Greenland Sea
A2: East Spitsbergen - Barents Sea
A3: Jotunheim - Barents & Kara Seas
A4: Kara Sea - Kara Sea & Samoyadia
A5: Yukaghir Sea - Samoyadia & Trakkatch Dran
A6: Aryania - East Siberian Sea & Trakkatch Dran
A7: Evenk Sea (all sea/no land)
A8: Arctic - Point Barrow
A9: Melville - West Canadian Archipelago
A10: Bathurst - East Canadian Archipelago
A11: West Greenland - Greenland & Ellesmere
A12: High Greenland - Greenland Plateau

Ring B

B.01 Lofoten
B.02 Lapland
B.03 Yak’Margug
B.04 Ob Gulf
B.05 Lower Yenisey
B.06 Tunguska
B.17 Denmark Strait
B.18 Iceland

Ring C

C.01 North Sea
C.02 Baltic Sea
C.03 Lithuania & Poland
C.04 Upper Volta
C.05 Ural Mountains
C.06 Ob & Irtysh Rivers
C.07 Lungos
C.08 Angara
C.09 Lena
C.24 Connaught

Ring D

D.01 Germania
D.02 Carpathians
D.03 Danube Mouth
D.04 Don & Volga Rivers
D.05 Buzachistan
D.06 Qanda
D.07 Balkhash
D.08 Altai
D.09 Khangai
D.10 Yablon
D.30 Brittania

Ring E

E.01 Spain
E.02 Italy
E.03 Greece
E.04 Anatolia
E.05 Asia Minor
E.06 South Caspian
E.07 Khorezm
E.08 Turkestan
E.09 Tarim Basin
E.36 Portugal

Ring F

F.01 Gaetulia
F.02 West Libya
F.03 Cyrenaica
F.04 Lower Egypt
F.05 Palestine
F.06 Babylon
F.07 Persia
F.08 Registan
F.09 Punjab
F.10 Himalayas
F.11 Tibet
F.12 Namkin
F.41 Canary Islands
F.42 Morocco

Ring G

G.06 Nubia
G.07 Arabia
G.08 Empty Quarter
G.09 Oman
G.10 Gujarat
G.11 Maharashtra
G.12 Orissa
G.13 Bengal
G.14 Irrawaddy
G.15 Laos

Ring H

H.08 Ethiopia
H.09 Horn of Africa
H.10 Socotra
H.12 Ladshadweep
H.13 Madurai
H.14 East Ceylon
H.16 Andaman Sea
H.17 Gulf of Siam

Ring L

L.32 Paraguay
L.33 Parana