Locate Object (spell)

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Locate object is a spell that uncovers the precise whereabouts of a known object within its effective range, even if the object is concealed within a sealed container, hidden behind a secret door, buried beneath the ground, or otherwise out of view. Therefore, the dweomer may allow the caster to retrieve an object that's been unintentionally misplaced or stolen by a nearby thief.

Locate Object
Range self
Duration 1 round per level
Area of Effect 120 ft. + 10 ft. per level
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none; see text
Level cleric (3rd); mage (2nd)

Common items such as gold coins, baubles or beads, earthenware, clothing, tools and the like need not be familiar to the caster for the spell to locate. In fact, up to a dozen of a given item can be found within the area of effect, those nearest to the caster. It may happen, therefore, that in searching for gold or silver coins, it becomes apparent to the caster that the dozen objects revealed are part of a larger hoard, though not every coin is "located."

With rare things, however, such as magic items, arcane tomes or exquisite works of jewellery or objects d'art, the caster must possess some degree of familiarity with what's being searched after. In all instances, the spell will exclusively reveal one type of object, regardless of the caster's search criteria.

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