Find Place (sage ability)

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Find Place is an amateur-status ability that enables the character to beguile others, so as to become popular with others. By means of this deception, the character is able to get hired, join a coterie of persons with shared interests or tastes, or become a welcome part of a congregation — even if the character lacks the necessary skills or is not a believer in the group's doctrine. Put another way, the character is a good talker ... and is able to dupe others into thinking he or she is a good person, deserving to be one of their number.

Thus the character is able to work his or her way into an organisation, thus meeting persons in minor positions of authority and learning the operation's function from the inside out. It's possible, if the right actions are taken, for the character to rise within the organisation's power structure, despite the chicanery, pretense and outright lying involved. This would require the character's separation from the party, however ... so it's practical only if the character is free to retire permanently or temporarily from the campaign, leaving the character's henchfolk to carry on. In fact, the character possessed of the sage ability could be one of the main player character's henchfolk.

Until the character with this skill is exposed, he or she will be greeted with welcome by many persons, particularly by tavern and innkeepers; it's not uncommon for the character to obtain one or two free drinks a night, after visiting a given tavern three or four times. This benefice comes on account of the character's ability to tell stories and provide humour, making him or her very well liked.

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