Detect Concealed Door (sage ability)

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Detect Concealed Door is an amateur-status sage ability in the study of Burglary that enables the character to notice the telltale signs of a concealed door, then pinpoint its precise location.

Concealed doors are those that are hidden or kept out of sight, to make them inconspicuous and therefore more private. Doors may be screened by trees, the shape of the terrain; they may be small and difficult to see; or located down a hole that passes unnoticed. Inside a house, they may be hidden by a curtain or covered by a rug.

It is harder, however, to conceal evidence of traffic in and out of a concealed door. Footprints, a set of branches bent back in a particular way, loose rocks at the edge of a well, even the manner in which the corner of a curtain or rug may appear frayed or not quite straight. Additionally, there may be very slight tracks, or places where the floor or ground has been worn smooth, that will give the presence of a concealed door away.

The ability gives the character reason to believe a concealed door is present. If there is a concealed door, the character will find it given enough time. Indoors, this will require merely 2-5 rounds. Outdoors, this will take longer — a total of 5-20 rounds.

If a character enters a room or moves in the outdoors in a state of alertness — that is to say, the DM is describing what they see in detail — then the character with this ability should never have to ask if there is a concealed door in the room. This information should be given freely, followed by an ask if the player wishes to find the concealed door. If so, then the time necessary, as stated above, should be rolled and the door revealed.

However, if the character is merely travelling from place to place, or lounging at a tavern, where every detail is not being given by the DM, then the player should have to say, “I am alert now,” meaning a full description of the area is requested, or the player may ask if there are any concealed doors present. If there is one, the player should be told about it immediately.

There should never be a die roll to determine whether or not a character with this ability finds a concealed door. That is not in question.