Ingestive Poisons

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Ingestive Poisons are introduced into the body by consuming the elixir, unlike insinuative poisons that must be introduced through a cut in the skin. The effects vary, depending on the poisoner's intent. Certainly, however, every poison means to bring harm to whomever imbibes the intended potion. The art of introducing poison into a victim's food or drink is called "dosing."


The four most common ingestive poisons are biliosus, ictus, somnikus and vexation. Any amateur poison-maker can create these tinctures, though they require a laboratory and four to six days to "compound," or mix together so as to be effective and difficult to detect for the unwary and inexperience victim.

Biliosus is made from herbs and produces an intense nausea which weakens in order to incapacitate. Ictus is derived from fruit-seed and produces a partial paralysis. Somnikus is an extract from narcotic plants that cause the victim to fall asleep. Vexation uses a solution from mushrooms in order to kill. Each has specific effects that are outlined in the links above.


The chance for an individual to detect an ingestive poison before allowing it to pass the lips is 60% — minus the knowledge of the poison's preparer. Characters with knowledge points in the study of poison also add those points to the chance of detection. If poison is discovered in time, it's revealed itself in the smell, appearance, surface oiliness or even small unnatural discolourations that occur.

For example, a dose created by an amateur poisoner with 11 knowledge would have a 49% chance of being detected, whether it was in food or drink. If the imbiber had even three points of knowledge in the study of poisoning, this would increase the chance of detection to 52%. In this case, any person with 51 or more points would automatically know the food or drink was poisoned.

Anyone detecting poison won't imbibe, and an investigation is sure to begin regarding the placement of the poison and anyone present who might potentially be the poisoner. Anyone who has entered the room or had access to the food is surely to be questioned and confined, until the poisoner is found.


Once the poison is consuemd, the victim will recognise within 2-8 rounds that something is dreadfully wrong — this is the "first effect" of the poison. For example, with somnikus, the first effect is a sudden awareness of being overtaken by sleep. At this point, a saving throw is made. Depending on the substance, the effects of saving and not saving vary widely. In each case the poison itself needs to be examined and the rules of that poison applied to the situation.

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