Construction (sage study)

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The process of constructing a building or improvement, such as residences, workshops, mills, roads, bridges, tunnels, aqueduct, sewer and the like. The study integrates knowledge of surveying, excavation, masonry, carpentry, financial considerations, contracting and the ongoing management and productivity of labour.

Some practical skills are included, but the focus of the study is upon planning and overseeing work gangs who will perform the actual work. Naturally, construction will be expensive and will often require considerable time.


  • Construction Tradecraft: granting one ability to the architect, gained through interacting with building sites. The character chooses from carpentry, excavation, glazing, masonry or thatching.
  • Foreman: providing skill at keeping a team of up to eight persons, with no more than two trades, continually active and productive on a work site.
  • Simple Builds: the creation of functional architectural plans for square-construction buildings without elaborate features such as arches, pillars, domes and so on.


  • Generalist Builds, the ability to produce load-bearing structures without limitation, along with landscape design, except that construction must retain a comparable design with structures already existing. The level of knowledge is not sufficient as yet to produce truly unique structures.
  • Site Management: providing skill at managing up to five foremen, with up to 40 workers and 8 additional specialists operating under direct supervision, continually active and productive upon a construction site.

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