Passing Through (sage ability)

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Passing Through is an amateur-status ability, enabling the character to "slip past" others without being seen. This is possible even in broad daylight, even if a character is on guard — though the trick requires waiting for the right "moment." To determine when the moment occurs, a d100 is rolled, giving a time of 1 to 100 minutes. This indicates how long the character must wait; this number is withheld from the player.

One attempt can be made to pass a given site per day. Up to four guards may circumvented; more offer too many chances for the passing character to be seen. Access must be unblocked. The passing character cannot be visibly armoured or seen to be carrying weapons.

Example of Movement

Natasha wishes to enter a citadel inside a town, where there are two guards posted. She can see the large double door is slightly ajar, giving her enough room to slip insider. Because it may take a lot of time before her chance occurs (1 to 100 minutes), Natasha dresses in a way that doesn't attract attention. She posits a reasonable cover: selling flowers, busking or having two companions along that engage her in conversation.

For each 30-minute period that Natasha waits, one random person present — someone in authority — will make a wisdom check. If successful, the guard, or other person responsible, will approach Natasha and make inquiries. If so, she must either make haste to leave or explain her presence. A bad explanation could produce bullying or threats against Natasha, who must decide what to do. In any case, the opportunity to pass has been lost.

Creating a Distraction

If a distraction is made by another character, using whatever means is available, characters able to pass through will get one brief chance to do so without having to wait. They must, however, make a dexterity check. If successful, the passing through is accomplished; otherwise, the character will be noticed and immediately confronted, perhaps chased or arrested, depending on the circumstance.


The ability can be used to avoid paying tolls at a town gate, as well as other like inconveniences. Because this is an ability and not a spell, the character can move past one obstruction after another, so long as each obstruction is passed no more than one time per day.

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