Horseshoeing (sage ability)

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Horseshoeing is an amateur-status sage ability enabling the character to fit horseshoes onto a horse's hoof, to protect it from wear. Horseshoes are normally made of wrought iron. The practice is a professional occupation, conducted by a farrier.

The sage ability includes the making of a horse shoe from a ready-made shape provided by an ironmonger, once the character has reached amateur-status in horseback riding. Other blacksmithing talents aren't provided by the ability.


To shoe a horse requires a set of farrier tools, an anvil, a hot fire and a bucket of water for cooling the metal after it's shaped. Shoeing can be performed inside, but because of the heat needed to shape the shoe, it's better done outside. The process takes about 15 to 25 minutes per shoe. This includes trimming the hoof and balancing the shoe, filing and caring for the horse's foot and nailing the shoe into place.

Shoes can be fitted onto mules and donkeys as well.

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