Herding (sage ability)

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Herding is an amateur-status sage ability in the study of Logistics which provides skill in caring for and managing a herd of animals, maintaining the group and moving it from place to place. In terms of logistics, this is necessary when moving live animals along behind an army, reducing the necessity for the army to shift the carcass meat by wagon (animals walk on their own, carrying their own meat). The skill applies specifically to cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, fowl, reindeer, camels and yaks. The ability does not apply to animals that are kept for reasons other than providing meat, such as elephants, felines, dogs or falcons.

Herding includes the ability to milk cows, sheep, goats and so on. Mustering is a skill at gathering scattered animals together, including for such things as branding, shearing, feeding or droving to another location. Those attempting to herd animals without this skill will find themselves frustrated to bring animals together and will consistently lose 2-5% of their herds weekly to preying animals, accidents or disappearances.

Dogs are helpful in herding animals but this ability gives no special skills in managing or directing dogs. That knowledge must come from elsewhere, such as the study of Dog Training.