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When a combatant receives a hit causing 11 damage or more, whether or not the weapons is edged, the combatant is wounded. This causes the combatant to bleed hit points each round. Wounds do not result from multiple hits adding up to 11; the single hit must be sufficiently powerful for the wound to result.

For each multiple of 11 points done per attack, the wound that is caused will drain the character of 1 hp. Thus, an attack causing 11-21 damage would cause the creature to bleed 1 hp per round, but an attack causing 22-32 damage would mean the wound bled 2 hp per round. A wound from 33-43 damage would bleed 3 hp per round and so on.

Creatures may also receive multiple wounds from separate attacks. If a creature were struck twice for 11 and 21 hit points in two separate attacks, each attack would cause a wound and altogether the character would bleed 2 hp per round.

The part of the body that is wounded is not determined as it would add little game value. The damage caused by wounds is not figured into calculations for stun lock, nor does a wound affect a spellcaster's ability to concentrate.

Closing Wounds

Wounds may be closed by healing magic or by the cantrip, close wound. Eating a goodberry will close a wound (multiple wounds would require multiple goodberries). A healing salve poured into a wound will also close a single wound. Cure light wounds, cure serious wounds, cure critical wounds, heal or aid close all wounds that the body has sustained, as will a paladin's lay on hands. Finally, wounds may be physically bound with bandages.


Because of their nature, some creatures cannot be wounded, including jellies, oozes and slimes; demons, devils, undead and other like creatures from the Outer Planes; creatures that are able to turn ethereal or gaseous; golems and creatures composed of materials other than living flesh; and creatures that naturally regenerate. These considerations also apply to non-players and players embued with these powers.

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