Whip (spell)

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Whip creates a material-appearing, magical whip-like force that can be used as a weapon in combat, regardless of the caster's proficiency. Any target up to 2 combat hexes distance can be attacked.

Range self
Duration 1 round per level
Area of Effect 10 ft.
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none; see text
Level mage (2nd)

The caster must apply the whip as though it were a weapon, expending the action points necessary to use it as a weapon. Once cast, however, the caster need not concentrate to keep the spell active — however, the caster may not cast other spells while the whip is active. It can be dispelled at any time, but the spell is lost once that happens.


To hit the target, the caster must roll to hit armour class (AC) 10, regardless of the defender's armour. With each hit, the whip causes 2-5 damage. Creatures that are hit must automatically give ground, moving back 1 hex whether or not they're stunned. If there is no room to retreat, no additional effect results.

The whip can be used to disarm, if it hits AC 5 or better. A disarming hit allows the defender a saving throw against magic. A successful save indicates the disarm has failed; otherwise, the weapon is knocked from the defender's hand, as a fumble.

Cracking the Whip

If the caster chooses, the whip can be made to crack. This will serve to keep creatures of between 1 and 4 intelligence at bay, to a distance of 15 ft. from the caster. Like any other use of the spell, this can be sustained only for one round per level.