Sleep (spell)

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Sleep causes creatures to succumb to a light slumber, as chosen by the caster. Those affected must be within the spell range. Creatures are entitled to a saving throw vs. magic; those which succeed are unaffected. Those who fail immediately fall prone, regardless of circumstance — perhaps leading to dire consequences, as individuals on moving horses, or near a precipice, tumble or fall to their possible deaths.

Range 30 +10 ft. per level
Duration 5 rounds per level; see text
Area of Effect 2-8 +1 hit dice per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw negates
Level mage (1st)

The caster can affect as many creatures as the hit dice (HD) limit allows. The caster intuitively knows the targets' hit dice, so that recipients may be selected to make best use of the spell. In determining effect, each experience level counts as +1 HD above the level of natural hit dice the creature possesses. For example, a 4th level elf would count as 5 HD.

Once asleep, the recipients aren't fully helpless. As the spell is 1st level, the magic isn't very strong ... therefore, if someone makes a move to threaten a sleeper from within one combat hex, this rouses the sleeper automatically. The sleeper doesn't need to be touched to be revived — intention alone is enough.

If the sleepers are left alone, however, the spell's effect continues until the time runs out, awakening as from an ordinary sleep.