Phantasmal Camp (spell)

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Phantasmal Camp creates an area practical for overnight quartering in the outdoors. The spell will create a fire pit with sufficient dry wood for maintaining a steady low fire for eight hours, a metal tripod plus one pot for cooking, two lanterns (if places to hang such are available ) or standing torches, eight dry blankets and four tents sufficient for a total of eight persons. The pot, when created, will contain two quarts (full) of fresh water.

Phantasmal Camp
Range 50 ft. radius
Duration until one hour after sunrise
Area of Effect see text
Casting Time 10 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (4th)

Further creations - if desired - will include four mosquito nets, a pair of dry boots, a hatchet, a water/wineskin (empty), a 10-foot long & 1-inch diameter wooden pole, a 6-foot pole suitable for fishing, 20 feet of rope, a knife suitable for boning fish, four drinking/eating bowls and a musical instrument (pipe, lute or drum).

Placement of all items is left to the caster, though they must all be located within the spell's range. The spell cannot be cast if the caster is indoors or underground. Note that the fire must be started in the ordinary manner.