Messenger (spell)

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Range self
Duration 1 hour per level; see below
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (2nd)

Summons a small creature to serve as a messenger. Only ordinary, non-giantish creatures are affected. The creature will present itself to the caster within 2-8 rounds.

The creature will hear the caster's message—which may not exceed 12 words—and will be able to instill the same into the mind for whomever the message is intended.

The caster will be able to impart a message to the creature that can be as long as 1 minute per level of the caster; this message can then be passed to an intended listener. If there is time, the messenger will then return to the caster to confirm that the message was received.

The messenger will be able to travel up to four miles per hour. If the hearer is further away than the animal can travel, then it will grow disinterested and the message will be lost.

The creature that is summoned will be creature that normally dwells in the locality. Travel time of the creature to deliver the message is the same regardless, but the creature summoned will be one able to cross water or land in order to deliver the message.