Javelin (weapon)

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The javelin is a light spear designed to thrown, lacking a metal tip. The head of the javelin is charcoaled for strength and then polished and sharpened. Soldiers that are armed with javelins are called javelineers.

The weapon is insufficiently strong enough for hand-to-hand use in combat. It may be hurled at enemies, causing 1-6 damage on a hit. The weapon cannot be set vs. charge.

The range of a javelin is excellent compared to other hurled weapons. The weapon cannot be thrown at an adjacent hex; 2 hexes is consider point blank range, giving a +1 bonus to hit. The javelin's short range is 3-9 hexes, for which there is no adjustment; medium range is 10-18 hexes, giving a -2 penalty; and long range is 19-27 hexes, giving a -5 penalty.

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