Illusionist 4th Level Spells

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Each spell is presented here in the same format. In addition to the name of the spell are details outlining the spell's limitations. Range indicates the furthest distance that can be affected by the spell; duration tells how long the spell lasts; area of effect gives the dimensions of the spell's influence after it's been discharged; casting describes how quickly the spell can be made ready before it's discharged; save indicates if there is a saving throw against the spell and what effects it has; and description gives a brief overview of the spell's power. Additional information can be found by following the links; a "*" indicates that a proper explanation requires more than the space available.

Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
Confusion 60 ft. 2 rounds, +1/level 60 ft. circle 2 rounds negates causes irrational fury among creatures
Dispel Emotion self 3 rounds, +1/level 60 ft. radius 2 rounds none suspends aggression and passion
Dispel Exhaustion touch permanent 1 creature 2 rounds none* provides the equal of a full day's rest
Dispel Magic 60 ft. permanent 30 ft. cube 2 rounds none banishes or eliminates magic
Improved Invisibility touch 4 rounds +1/level 1 creature 2 rounds none allows aggression while invisible
Massmorph Touch 4 rounds, +1/level 1 creature 2 rounds none* produces an illusion of trees and rocks
Minor Creation touch until sunrise 1 object* 2 rounds none creates ordinary objects for use
Murk 30 +10 ft./level 1d6 rounds, +1/level 5 ft. diameter/level 2 rounds ½ damage* thickens air, rendering it foul
Phantasmal Camp 50 ft. radius until after sunrise special 10 rounds none creates a campsite for overnight use
Phantasmal Killer 10 ft. 1 round/level* 1 killer 2 rounds none creates a figure capable of assassination
Shadow Monsters 10 +5 ft./level 1 round/level 1 monster/level 2 rounds none creates shadow forms capable of attack

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