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Geography is a sage study in the fields of Earth & Sky and Humanities, granting the character knowledge of political boundaries, specific features and cultural infrastructure related to the land. The study of oceans and seas is ascribed to Oceanography, while studies relating to the land's underlying physical structure and phenomena is ascribed to Geology.

While geographers will have a general understanding of the world's regions, initial knowledge points must be assigned by choice to a specific political entity, which will serve as the locus of the character's knowledge. Some skills below will apply only to this locus; others will apply to those areas surrounding the locus, meaning those political entities directly bordering upon the locus.

Each time the character rolls thereafter, the new roll may be applied to a different locus or towards one already chosen. Where loci overlap, total knowledge points should not be added together.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Know Bioregion: identify common animals and creatures dwelling within the surrounded locus.
  • Locate Self: precisely determine location within locus once features of the landscape can be observed.

Authority Status

  • Cartography: enables the character to draw accurate maps, sufficient for others to use in navigation or making their way to a precise location.

Expert Status

  • Seek Oblivion: awakens the character to obscure locations and lost places, lighting the way for adventurers seeking such places.

Sage Status

  • Preternatural Currents: enables the detection and use of the world's natural wild magic as it flows according to the patterns created by the world's topography, elements and fertility.

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