Druid Sage Abilities

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Below can be found a list of the knowledge fields and studies available to the Druid Class. Starting at 1st level, the druid gains one field, and one study within that field. This choice is left entirely to the player. There are four fields to choose from:

Civitas: knowledge of the responsibilities and social contracts that draw together citizens of the monarchy or republic, enabling them to act in concert with one another, allowing the character to act within established regulations of the land.
Humanities: the study of disciplines related to society and culture. This grants critical and speculative knowledge about humanoid existence from a biological and holistic perspective.
Reality: the understanding of predictable, commonly accepted existence, in relation to the scientific and physical.
Unreality: an expansive understanding of elusive knowledge, uncommon and unknown to the common people. This knowledge obeys laws of alternate objective reality, deriving from origins that defy ordinary truths.

The studies within these fields are each described more thoroughly on their own pages — and in turn are a number of sage abilities that await possession by player characters and others. Following are a list of studies sorted by their field.