Divination (sage study)

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The pursuit of several means through which knowledge of the future may be gained, specifically those which pertain to the traditions of priests: the reading of entrails, the Book of Changes, occultism, vision quests.

The pursuit of gaining knowledge through various sacred methods, in order to promote the gaining of visions and in becoming a vessel for prophecy. These methods include - but are not necessarily limited to - sacrifice of animals in order to read the entrails, studying the Book of Changes, communicating with the dead through occultism and through asceticism (the pursuit of starvation, suffering or abstinence in order to gain a vision). This practice is meant to support the magical methods of gaining information such as augury or divination spells.

Note that the study does not include prognostication associated with the magi, such as the reading of tea leaves, astrology, numerology or the tarot; these divination techniques are not pursued by clerics and are covered elsewhere.


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