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Combat is a method of resolving conflict between fighting parties in D&D. The accuracy of these combats in relation to the real world is not a priority, and is often subjugated by the need for playability. That said, many elements of combat do reflect circumstances in the real world — and this, too, is an important part of the game, since these touchstones encourage immersion for the players.

The combat system used here is a heavily modified version of the AD&D model. Recognizable parts of AD&D remain because these parts function best in the structure of this combat system. However, in no way is AD&D to be considered the preferred model. If any part of what is presently AD&D-like can be improved upon, and therefore expunged from the system, it will be. Our purpose here is to create the most workable, tension-building, strategic, emotionally satisfying combat system that can possibly exist.

Therefore, some elements from other versions of D&D have been incorporated; most of the system is, however, entirely of my own design. I encourage players to be innovative, while at the same time the system works to establish rigid boundaries of "play" in which that innovation can take place.

Combat is essential to a good D&D game. The process of combat should evoke excitement and fear, with a real possibility of failure as well as triumph.


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