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== Secondary Links ==
== Secondary Links ==
[[Ability Checks]] [[Binding Wounds (sage ability)]] [[Experience (X.P.)]] [[Fight while Immersed]] [[Fight while Unsteady]] [[Illumination]] [[Incidental Damage]] [[Rouse Sleeping Creatures]] [[Saving Throws for Items]] [[Spear (weapon)]] [[Submerged Combat]] [[Swimming Combat]] [[Throwing a Grapple]]
[[Ability Checks]]<br>
[[Binding Wounds (sage ability)]]<br>
[[Experience (X.P.)]]<br>
[[Fight while Immersed]]<br>
[[Fight while Unsteady]]<br>
[[Incidental Damage]]<br>
[[Rouse Sleeping Creatures]]<br>
[[Saving Throws for Items]]<br>
[[Spear (weapon)]]<br>
[[Submerged Combat]]<br>
[[Swimming Combat]]<br>
[[Throwing a Grapple]]

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The combat rules outlined below make not attempt to simulate actual fighting styles or effects. There are modifications that are made to the original AD&D model, with elements of 3rd edition, but the tactical rules included are of my own design. An ongoing attempt is made to allow flexibility for the players to be innovative, while establishing strict boundaries surrounding what is physically and realistically possible. Combat is essential to a good D&D game, and the process of combat should evoke excitement and fear, with the occurrence of defeat as well as triumph.

Listed below are links describing the many concepts and elements that relate to my combat system. Primary links include the main features of the system, while secondary links describe minor details.

Primary Links

Action Points
Armour Class
Armour List
Attacking in Combat
Combat Hex
Combat Round
Damage (hit points)
Hit Dice
Hit Points
Movement in Combat
Roll to Hit
Saving Throws
Stun Lock
Weapons List

Secondary Links

Ability Checks
Binding Wounds (sage ability)
Experience (X.P.)
Fight while Immersed
Fight while Unsteady
Incidental Damage
Rouse Sleeping Creatures
Saving Throws for Items
Spear (weapon)
Submerged Combat
Swimming Combat
Throwing a Grapple