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Cantrips are slightly powered incantations that succeed in bringing about useful but not often dangerous effects, as spells do. Typically, they are learned by students of magic as first efforts in casting magic. Prior to progressing out of school, students of illusion and magic rarely possess more than three cantrips; most possess 1 or 2 and some none at all. However, as these spellcasters progress through their apprenticeship, they will steadily acquire a new one every 5-8 months, perhaps even more quickly. It is not unusual for an apprentice to possess one magical spell (poorly casted) and a dozen cantrips.

All cantrips have a 10 ft. range and require only a verbal component. They require less than a full round to cast, but only one cantrip may be cast per round, and not in the same round as a spell is either cast or discharged. As they are cast and discharged at the same time, they require little concentration.


Cantrips are divided into seven types, all of which are available to illusionists and only six to mages.

Haunting Sound cantrips create a variety of illusionary sounds, which can serve as distractions or a signals to others. Illusionary cantrips are available to illusionists; they present quite ordinary false images which can mislead or draw in a viewer. Legerdemain are bits of arcane magic that are the most practical of cantrips, enabling spellcasters to perform tricks and create items of value. Person-affecting cantrips compel another to act foolishly or obsessively, which can disconcert or divert actions that might be undesired. Personal cantrips address the immediate needs of the caster, creating creatures that can pester enemies or enabling simple solutions. Reversed cantrips are so named because they damage the environment, ruining or making a mess of the surroundings. Useful cantrips put reversed cantrips to right, enabling good housecleaning, mending and getting rid of pests, with a focus on adding comfort.

A complete list of cantrips can be found below.

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