Bugs & Spiders (sage study)

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A study of multi-legged, exoskeletal insects, characterized by antennae, pincers, stingers, wings and a wide variety of other features. Knowledge of bugs & spiders includes identification of creatures in the larval stage and insectoid humanoids, as well as forms such as the giant beetles, hornets, scorpions, spiders or wasps.

The study does include creatures of strangeness that are largely insect-like, such as ankhegs, carrion crawlers, phase or snow spiders, stirges and so on, but would not include hybridized creatures such as a manticore with a scorpion's tail.


  • Identify Bugs & Spiders: knowledge of naturally insectoid creatures and the dangers they present.
  • Insect Behaviour I: allows limited prediction of a bug or spider's attack and movement in insects of semi-intelligence or less.

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