Leap to Feet (sage ability)

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Normally, the number of action points (AP) necessary for a combatant to stand from a laying position is 2, while the number needed from a seated position in 1. Improved balance enables the combatant to reduce both of these effectively by 1 point, so that only 1 AP is needed to stand and no AP at all are needed to act from a seated position.

Other AP requirements affected by the ability include a 1 point reduction to the following (with adjusted AP requirements shown): dismounting from a horse or camel (2 AP), mounting a horse (3 AP), dropping to the ground (1 AP) and unslinging a back pack (4 AP).

Dismounting from the howdah high atop the back of an elephant requires 5 AP, as the howdah must be vacated before the combatant can climb down. Climbing down from an oliphant, from the driving harness located above the neck, requires 7 AP, including the time (2 AP) necessary to free oneself from the harness that disallows falling - the oliphant does not kneel down for this purpose. Climbing down from the howdah of an oliphant will require 12 AP, as the ladder must be first unfurled through the trap, which must be opened, and the combatant then climbing down. It should be remembered that the howdah for an oliphant is 19 feet above the ground.

There are no improvements to mounting animals that must bend down to be climbed upon, as the animal itself is the limitation, not the movement of the combatant: thus camels, elephants and oliphants have the same limitations as always.

The ability of dropping to the ground presumes the combatant can drop and orient in the same time period, thus shortening the period from 2 AP to 1 AP (as already indicated).

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