Balance (sage study)

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Unlike sure-footedness, which describes maintaining one's footing when moving, the puissant study of balance describes the combatant's ability to improve their balance while fighting. Skills reduce penalties to attacks and armour class (AC) while precariously balanced, improve immobility against overbearing and even promote the use of terrain to increase defensiveness and freedom of movement. Primarily, the facets of the character's rolls most effective are those that involve stunning, AC, saving throws and ability checks.


  • Balance Load: increases the amount the character can carry over a long distance at the cost of immediate flexibility.
  • Firm Footwork: gives the character improved dexterity checks when fighting on a precarious surface or when using a handhold.
  • Leap to Feet: reduces the number of action points required when standing from a laying or seated position.
  • Mariner Combat: gives the character improved attack while fighting in water environments.

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